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Surviving Hard Times

Jun 22, 2023

Service and working dogs don’t always go where you think they will when they retire. So, where do they go? Bob Bryant, the Co-Founder and CTO of Mission K9 Rescue joins the podcast to explain.

Mission K9 Rescue is a non-profit organization devoted to the service of retiring and retired Military Working Dogs, Contract Working Dogs, and PD-K9s. Founded in 2013, this organization has rescued over 1,000 working dogs worldwide. How do they achieve this? By rescuing, reuniting, re-homing, rehabilitating, and repairing retired working dogs that have served mankind in some capacity…

In this episode, we cover:

  • How PTSD shows up in dogs.
  • What happens when service and working dogs retire.
  • The different classifications of “working dogs”.
  • How to find new homes for highly trained dogs. 

Want to learn more about Mission K9 Rescue and their mission? Click here now!

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