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Surviving Hard Times

Aug 31, 2023

Homesteading is an incredible skill – but it’s also a full-time job. So, how can you be self-sufficient while also making time for the other important things in your schedule? Melissa K. Norris joins us to explain modern homesteading from a practical perspective…

Melissa and her family live on 14.96 acres in the foothills of Washington state's North Cascade mountain range. Featuring this way of life in her books, YouTube channel, podcast, and blog, she is on a mission to teach others how to grow, preserve, and cook their own food using old-fashioned skill sets and wisdom…

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Types of food that can trigger acid reflux.
  • How to tailor your diet to your body’s needs. 
  • How to find the best sources of food close to your residence. 
  • How industrial agriculture changes the composition of meat. 

Are you ready to create a natural, self-sufficient way of life by following Melissa’s lead? Click play now to get started!

You can find more information on Melissa by visiting her website here

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