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Surviving Hard Times

Aug 8, 2023

What makes microgreens so healthy and nutritious? Jessica Hicks, the founder of Itty Bitty Micro Farm joins the podcast to explain.

Starting their business during the pandemic, Jessica and her husband Michael began gardening as a way to protect their family and provide healthy products to their friends. This paved the way for them to start a business bringing highly nutritious, sustainably produced, organic foods to their community – in the form of microgreens…

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • What makes microgreens so healthy. 
  • How different microgreens are classified by their nutritional value.
  • Creative and easy ways to incorporate microgreens into your diet.
  • The difference between sprouts and microgreens.

You can find more on Itty Bitty Micro Farm by visiting their website here!

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