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Surviving Hard Times

Dec 27, 2022

If you had the opportunity to innovate your farm, would you take it? The challenges that come with 21st-century agriculture are very unique, and inventive minds like Jonathan Dysinger are committed to innovating this process for both small and large farmers alike… 

Jonathan is the Owner and CEO of Farmers Friend, a company that develops tools and supplies to make small farms more efficient and profitable. With years of experience in the industry, he is intent on changing the world through regenerative agriculture. How? By equipping, educating, and inspiring fellow growers…

Click play now to uncover:

  • The importance of being agriculturally creative.
  • The benefits of working with high tunnel gardening structures.
  • The biggest problems that farmers can face.
  • Tips for getting your own garden going. 

You can learn more about Jonathan and his work with Farmers Friend by visiting

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