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Surviving Hard Times

Sep 9, 2022

Today we connect with Rob Greenfield, an environmental activist and humanitarian that lives entirely self-sufficiently. Rob has a Youtube channel where he documents this experience and educates people about the growing, harvesting, and foraging of food.

Rob wants to lead a life that promotes a more sustainable and just world. A decade ago, Rob realized how his lifestyle hurts our planet, and since then, he has changed nearly every aspect of his lifestyle – from not having a bank account to rescuing food from grocery store dumpsters…

Click play to hear Rob discuss:

  • What prompted him to live this way, and how he made this lifestyle shift. 
  • How the industrial food industry affects the well-being of our environment.
  • The extreme projects he does to bring awareness to important global issues.

While Rob’s lifestyle may seem a bit rash to some, there is no doubt that his actions are making a real difference in the world. Listen now to find out how you can live more like Rob!

To discover more about Rob and his environmental vision, make sure you visit his website and Youtube channel!

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