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Surviving Hard Times

Sep 22, 2023

How can anyone – even the average Joe or Jane – start to build a bright financial future for themselves?

Multi-millionaire entrepreneur, investor, macroeconomics expert, and founder of Rebel Capitalist, George Gammon, explains.

Press play to explore:

  • The importance of understanding macroeconomics and the global monetary system
  • The solution for global consumer price inflation (HINT: it’s not more currency units)
  • Why price inflation occurs in the first place, how it’s being made worse by current policies, and how to adjust your portfolio accordingly
  • Thought experiment: would the problem of consumer price inflation be as severe as it is right now if COVID-19 and associated lockdowns never happened?
  • Inflation is political kryptonite – how are politicians currently dealing with it?
  • The difference between the 1940s and 1970s in terms of consumer price inflation, and the insight this lends to the current environment
  • What does the future of the U.S. economy look like?

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