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Surviving Hard Times

Dec 10, 2022

As fires continue to scorch the Western U.S., it can be hard to imagine a way to tame such extreme events. Wildfires have always been a natural environmental occurrence. Still, scientists are exploring management practices that may be able to mitigate these repercussions – while simultaneously helping the forests tolerate fire in general… 

Dr. Brandon M. Collins joins the podcast to discuss his work in fire dynamics and forest management. Brandon is an adjunct professor at UC Berkeley and the lead scientist at Berkeley Forests, where he is confronted with the daunting task of reducing increased susceptibility to wildfire and drought. He aims to do all this while also minimizing impacts on other forest ecological components. 

Join the conversation now to explore:

  • The importance of managing forests so that they can withstand fires. 
  • The benefits of fire and to what extent it should be controlled. 
  • The importance of connecting analysis to real-life engagement.
  • The two methods to help forests maintain a healthy tree density. 

You can find out more about Dr. Collins by clicking here now!

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