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Surviving Hard Times

Dec 6, 2022

What does it take to successfully manage a large-scale dining operation? Glenn Loughridge joins us today to discuss how he accomplishes just that as Auburn University's Director of Campus Dining and Athletics Concessions. Since 2012, Glenn has been responsible for delivering local, fresh food to the campus community in a creative and collaborative manner. 

As a graduate of Auburn University himself, Glenn has a long history with creative food management practices. Now, he is on a mission to provide the most sustainable, nutritious, and enjoyable dining experiences possible for the students, faculty, and staff of his beloved alma mater… 

In this episode, we dive into:

  • How to successfully facilitate a deep sea crabbing operation.
  • Glenn’s work as an advocate between the university and its food service providers. 
  • How students’ tastes can evolve as they grow older. 
  • The importance of highlighting the nutritional value of sustainably-sourced food. 

To find out more about Glenn and his work, click here now!

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