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Surviving Hard Times

Jun 7, 2023

In this episode, we connect with David Trood, AKA Weedy. As a prize-winning travel and commercial photographer, Weedy turned his attention to gardening during the COVID lockdowns. Combining his love for photography with his passion for nature, Weedy started the Youtube channel The Weedy Garden.

Following the ethics of permaculture, Weedy has created a garden of self-sufficiency that he shares with his viewers on a regular basis. Weedy’s desire to push the boundaries of storytelling resulted in educational videos that illustrate how plants respond to human care and nurturing…

Join us now to uncover:

  • Why many people aren’t able to have their own gardens. 
  • How Weedy turned COVID lockdowns into motivation to be productive.
  • The importance of bacteria and fungi in healthy gardening. 

Want to see Weedy’s inspiring Youtube channel for yourself? Click here now!

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