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Surviving Hard Times

Sep 29, 2022

In this episode, we connect with Kareen Erbe, the Founder of Broken Ground Permaculture. Kareen is a gardening expert that has helped thousands of individuals turn their spaces into delicious and sustainable edible landscapes. 

As a permaculture educator, homesteader, food farmer, garden designer, and soil-builder, Kareen is committed to helping people cultivate their own food so that they can live sustainable and fulfilling lives…

Tune in now uncover:

  • Fresh ideas on how to efficiently use indoor and outdoor spaces for gardening.
  • Soil-building strategies that have proven results.
  • How the climate influences the types of crops you can grow.

With the uncertainty that the future holds, having the resources you need to keep you and your loved ones safe is crucial – and gardening is a great place to start

Get the lifestyle advice you’ve been looking for by engaging in this educative conversation!

To get gardening tips from Kareen for yourself, make sure you visit now!

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