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Surviving Hard Times

Dec 15, 2022

Could aquaponics sustainably feed and fund the world? Josh Imhoff, the founder and director of Emerge Aquaponics is on a mission to find out. As someone who grew up traveling around the world, Josh was exposed to the immense “need” that many people have – and he has made it his goal to alleviate this.

Determined to help feed and fund people, Josh decided that aquaponics may be the answer that he and many other individuals have been looking for. With this at the forefront of his mind, he started building and designing aquaponics systems 12 years ago with Emerge in order to provide people in need with food and income… 

Tune in now to discover:

  • How Emerge is developing systems to improve how food is grown.
  • How temperature affects the fish species used in aquaponics.
  • The importance of keeping the correct ratio of plants to fish in the system.
  • How aquaponics can provide income for communities in need.

Want to learn more about Josh and his important work with Emerge? Click here now!

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