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Surviving Hard Times

Nov 8, 2022

Joining us today is Eddy Badrina, the CEO of Eden Green Technology and co-founder of BuzzShift. With Buzzshift being a digital growth agency and Eden Green Technology being a vertical farming company, Eddy utilizes his knowledge of sales and advertising strategies to innovate every industry he works in. 

Eden Green Technology is Eddy’s primary business focus – an AgTech solution transforming how we farm our produce and feed our communities. Intending to establish food safety and independence, Eden Green Technology is using sustainable farming methods to equip retailers, researchers, cities, and governments around the world…

In this episode, we cover:

  • The two ends of the controlled environment agriculture industry spectrum.
  • What vertical farms are, and the operational expenses that come with them.
  • How Eden Green Technology is revolutionizing the food-growing industry. 

To find out more about Eddy and his work with Eden Green Technology, visit now!

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