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Surviving Hard Times

Nov 7, 2023

Are you interested in growing your own fruit and reaping the benefits of a delicious organic harvest? While fruit trees don’t grow overnight, there are certainly tips and tricks you can use to speed up the process. Susan Poizner, the founder of Orchard People, joins the podcast to enlighten us on this sustainable and fascinating process…

As a journalist, filmmaker and urban orchardist, Susan started Orchard People to educate and empower others to grow fruit successfully. From poor quality fruit to pests and disease, her goal is to help her fellow gardeners avoid the challenges and connect to their environment – and live more sustainable lives.

Tune in now to explore:

  • Why it takes time for fruit trees to mature and produce. 
  • The easiest fruits to grow in an urban environment. 
  • The difference between a fruit tree and a native tree.
  • How to prune a tree effectively. 

Click here to learn more about Susan and her work with Orchard People!