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Surviving Hard Times

Oct 24, 2023

Electromagnetic frequencies are all around us. In this modern world brimming with technology, many people find themselves asking: How does this impact the human body? 

Dr. Bill McGraw, a recurring guest of the show, joins us to discuss electromagnetic fields, heavy metal toxicity, EMF health risks, and more in this intriguing interview…

As an expert in boundary-pushing alternative health technology, Dr. McGraw believes in the power of holistic therapy. He has worked with countless patients to uncover the root causes of numerous chronic diseases. 

What sets his approach apart from other specialists in the field? Join us now to see for yourself!

Click play now to discover:

  • The negative impacts of certain electromagnetic fields.
  • How EMFs affect people with heavy metal toxicity. 
  • The symptoms associated with EMF sensitivity. 

Click here to learn more about EMFs and Dr. McGraw’s work.

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