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Surviving Hard Times

Jun 21, 2024

Nitrogen fertilizers are widely used in crop production around the world, but how does soil react to this treatment? Expert soil scientist Richard L. Mulvaney joins the podcast today to discuss his research looking into this question, and others like it…

As a Professor of Soil Fertility at the University of Illinois, Richard is deeply involved in Illinois’s agricultural field. With three degrees in soil science, he has focused his investigations on the fate and behavior of soil and fertilizer nitrogen – specifically seeking to increase profits while also reducing the negative environmental impacts of excessive nitrogen inputs.

In this episode, we explore:

  • What makes nitrogen useful for crop growth and plant nutrition.
  • The most common nitrogen fertilizer, and which crops it benefits most.
  • Why over-fertilization is detrimental to soil health.
  • Where corn crops derive the majority of their nitrogen from.

Do the benefits of nitrogen fertilizer outweigh the negative effects on soil health? Join the conversation now to find out!

To connect with Richard’s work for yourself, click here now!

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