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Surviving Hard Times

Nov 15, 2023

That’s how life should be, thought five-year-old John Hancock while watching Little House on the Prairie. His lifelong desire to grow his own food, work for himself, and live off grid has finally come to fruition. He’s living his best life and helping others live theirs.

Press play to explore:

  • Important first steps for establishing a homestead with very little money
  • How to harvest plenty of rainwater for year-round sustenance on an Arizona homestead (and keep it clean and drinkable)
  • Natural vs artificial fertilizer – benefits for the soil and garden
  • How Hancock’s health has changed since living on his homestead

Interested in learning more?

Tune in and check out Hancock’s book, Frugal Off Grid: Build an Off Grid Homestead with Next to Nothing and his YouTube channel called Frugal Off Grid.

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