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Surviving Hard Times

Nov 22, 2022

Is green energy really the solution, or just a false promise?

Press play to explore:

  • Whether electric vehicles are truly a better choice than gas-powered vehicles
  • How cobalt is obtained and what it’s used for
  • A clear way to make dramatic energy improvements now, and why these changes aren’t being implemented
  • The problem of being overly dependent on one energy source
  • What energy policies might look like in the coming years

Andrew Morriss is a lawyer and economist who has been teaching for almost three decades. As a professor at Texas A&M University, he analyzes regulatory measures – investigating how they work, why we adopt the ones we do, and how they can be improved.

Having heard about “green energy” since high school, and always being told it was the ultimate solution almost within reach, he decided to enter the field and dig into the topic himself. His work is data-driven above all else, which demands the attention of anyone who disagrees with it or follows the pervasive narrative of green energy.

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