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Surviving Hard Times

Mar 21, 2024

Join Dawn Gallop, the founder of the #9 Farms YouTube channel, on today's episode as she delves into several intriguing topics. As a devoted mother of nine who lives on a sprawling farm, Dawn has been immersed in homesteading long before it became a trend, dating back to 1992.

In this episode, Gallop explores the "Pantry Challenge" and shares how it’s affected her life. What exactly does it entail?

It revolves around the ingenious idea of utilizing everything stocked in your pantry, food cabinets, and freezer before resorting to purchasing additional groceries. The primary objectives?

Saving money, minimizing waste, and igniting creativity in the kitchen! Rather than rushing to the store for more ingredients, embrace the opportunity to experiment with what you already have, potentially uncovering delectable, one-of-a-kind recipes along the way. Moreover, the Pantry Challenge promotes simplicity, time efficiency, and fosters a survivalist mindset.

Tune in to discover:

  • Valuable tips, tricks, and pitfalls of the canning process
  • How to differentiate between water-bath canning and pressure canning
  • The shelf life of canned foods (officially and unofficially)
  • The potential health risks of dented cans
  • Gallop’s experience making and selling elderberry syrup (and its anti-viral properties!)

Prepare to be enlightened as Gallop shares her wealth of knowledge and experiences in navigating the culinary world with ingenuity and resourcefulness.

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