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Surviving Hard Times

Feb 15, 2024

When Ammie Harris brought home her newborn son, she quickly realized there was a problem: he wasn’t latching well, and she had a low breast milk supply. Her son was losing weight and she needed to act quickly.

The pediatrician recommended a commercial formula, but it didn't work -- not a single commercial formula did -- and her son still wasn’t gaining weight. Then she stumbled upon a controversial article about the benefits of homemade cow’s milk formula.

She was scared to try it and unsure about whether she was making the right decision, but having exhausted other options, what else could she do?

Within days of trying this homemade formula, her son’s weight was skyrocketing and he was thriving.

For anyone interested in using food as medicine, this isn’t an episode to miss.

You’ll learn:

  • The recipe for bone broth hot chocolate that’ll be a hit with both kids and adults
  • The practical and important difference between homesteading and living off the grid
  • Whether sunburns are avoidable – an unbelievable story about why Ammie says they are
  • How you can make small improvements to your diet and health even if you have no land to work with
  • Tips for sneaking extra nutrition into your kids’ diet

Press play to learn about all this and so much more, and check out Ammie’s YouTube channel at

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