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Surviving Hard Times

Nov 29, 2023

Whether you are an experienced farmer or a houseplant collector, the topic of seed science is certainly compelling to explore. What’s more, making sense of seed biology may equip you with the knowledge necessary to effectively grow your own crops and maintain a sustainable food source amid uncertain times . . .

Today, Kent J. Bradford, a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Plant Sciences at UC Davis educates us on various aspects of plants – from seed germination to molecular biology.

Kent has a varied background in seed biology. He has used his expertise to support the creation, innovation, and commercialization of cutting-edge technologies that improve crop performance, sustainability, and quality. 

Join us now to hear Kent discuss:

  • What seed testing is, and how it is done.
  • How seeds are made, and why the production process is so important.
  • Advice for farmers – big and small – concerning potential food shortages on the horizon. 
  • How to properly store your own seeds. 

You can learn more about Kent and his qualifications in seed science by visiting

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