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Surviving Hard Times

Apr 7, 2023

In this episode, we discuss all things farming with Sebastien Bonneu of Countryside Farm based in Cedar Creek, Texas. Sebastien has a background working in bakeries and restaurants around the world. After buying a house with some land outside of Austin, he and his family started Countryside Farm. Here, they raise, process, and sell many breeds of animals – from turkeys and rabbits to wild hogs.

Hailing from the countryside outside of Bordeaux, France, Sebastien was raised by two chefs on a sustainable farm. This helped him hone not only his culinary skills, but his overall knowledge of self-sufficient farming practices…

Jump in now to find out:

  • The primary focus of Countryside Farm.
  • What time of year to raise specific birds.
  • The difference between eating farm-raised and factory-raised meat. 

Want to learn more about Sebastien and his work with Countryside Farm? Click here now!

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