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Surviving Hard Times

Apr 4, 2024

Today’s world news is prompting more and more people to look into future preparation tactics. If our society takes a turn for the worse, are you ready?

Joining us in this episode to discuss the fundamentals of prepping is Jason Charles. Known as “The Angry Prepper” on YouTube, Jason uses his platform to provide his viewers with useful economic survival strategies and unique political insight. 

In this podcast, you will discover:

  • What you can do to prepare for uncertain times.
  • Situations that could cause mass chaos in cities, and what the timeline for collapse would look like. 
  • The importance of stockpiling water and other resources.

As tensions rise throughout the United States and the rest of the world, it is more important than ever to be prepared for anything. Those that are paying attention will likely fare much better than those who are not…

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