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Surviving Hard Times

May 9, 2024

What does it mean to be truly self-sufficient? As technology advances and the world continues to evolve, our society is losing sight of what it takes to be in touch with our planet.

There are, however, still individuals out there who are working with nature rather than against it…

In this episode, we chat with gardening expert Mark Valencia. Mark has a YouTube channel and website entitled Self Sufficient Me. With this platform, Mark shows his viewers how to engage with self-sufficient living – from organic gardening to wildlife cultivation.

Mark is providing information that is both engaging and practical. These self-sustainable living practices are inspiring people around the world!

Click play now to uncover:

  • How Mark got started with his dedication to self-sufficiency.
  • What it takes to get a garden off the ground.
  • Animal pests that Mark regularly deals with in his garden.
  • How being outside and remaining active positively affects mental health.

Want to learn more about Mark and his work with Self Sufficient Me? You can find his Youtube channel here, and website here!

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