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Surviving Hard Times

Dec 21, 2023

Many of the brightest and wealthiest people in the world are bracing for impact and preparing for a depression. More and more people are realizing there’s no way around it, and for signs, you don’t have to look any further than the grocery store.

Rather than panic, learn some practical, simple steps to prepare yourself no matter where you are.

Chris Taylor, known as the "Financial Prepper" discusses:

  • Ways to secure food that has a long shelf life
  • Protein – why it will soon be very hard to access, and how to prepare
  • The importance of buying certain types of food right now – prices are only going to increase
  • How easy – and smart – it is to grow potatoes
  • How many chickens to get if you’re interested in your own supply of fresh eggs
  • What it really takes to start building a secure source of food and water for you and your family

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