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Surviving Hard Times

Nov 27, 2022

If you’re a new mother navigating the world of breastfeeding, pumping, or both … Or if you know someone who is, this episode is for you.

Unlike most lactation consultants, Allison Tolman is also a breast pump expert who focuses on helping mothers combine these methods for the best outcomes.

Press play to learn:

  • Problems that come with having an oversupply of breast milk
  • Why there has been a recent influx of mothers wanting to use breast pumps, and the demand for experts who can guide them through this transition
  • How breast milk production varies throughout the day, and factors that influence it
  • Types and uses of breast pumps
  • Tips for helping stimulate hormones for milk production

Tolman is a nurse, lactation consultant, and breast pump expert. She has a successful YouTube channel that provides data on breast pumps and more, as well as a pumping program specifically for working moms.

Tune in for the full conversation and visit Tolman’s YouTube channel at

Episode also available on Apple Podcasts: