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Surviving Hard Times

Apr 25, 2024

In this episode, Kelsey Nightingale returns to the podcast to discuss her unique approach to homesteading and organic farming. As a licensed veterinary technician, Kelsey recently relocated with her family to a small homestead in Scottsburg, OR, where they focus on sustainability and living off the land.

Kelsey became interested in homesteading in 2019. After taking the plunge in 2021, she and her husband Sean became committed to one mission: to become self-sufficient and unreliant upon society to live…

In this conversation, we explore:

  • Why Kelsey and Sean decided to shift their lifestyles.
  • The resources that Nightingale Homestead currently provides. 
  • How long it typically takes to become successful in homesteading and small farming. 
  • The easy and hard parts of self-sufficiency.

Tune in now to discover the inspiring journey of Kelsey and Sean as they embrace a lifestyle deeply rooted in sustainability, self-sufficiency, and a profound connection to the land!

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