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Surviving Hard Times

Mar 14, 2024

Meet Steven Cornett, the visionary behind Nature's Always Right. After earning his business degree in 2011, Cornett was disenchanted with the corporate world and embarked on a quest for a more fulfilling life. His journey led him to farming, where he unearthed profound insights into health and the American food industry.

Discover how cultivating one's food means cultivating health—Cornett believes in the transformative power of nutrient-rich, probiotic-packed produce to heal the body, rendering pharmaceuticals obsolete.

From his thriving market garden at the San Diego farmer's market, Cornett champions a grassroots movement. If more people grow their own food, they can revolutionize not just American but global culture, leading to physical and mental well-being.

Join us as we delve into:

  • Innovative techniques for crafting homemade fertilizers, inoculants, and pesticides
  • The unparalleled flavor of homegrown vegetables versus store-bought counterparts
  • The alarming trend of micronutrient depletion in soil and its repercussions
  • The four components of compost and strategies for creating microbially diverse compost for vibrant gardens.

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