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Surviving Hard Times

Nov 25, 2022

How would you handle moving from a city in the Northeast to the country of Texas? In this episode, JD and Matt from The Texas Boys describe how their family did just that 8 years ago, and how it has drastically changed their lives for the better… 

The Texas Boys are not only a family homesteading in the heart of Texas, but an online presence that offers a variety of goods and educational resources to their audience. In this conversation, they tell us what it took to reach their goals, and how they did it with the help of a supportive local community.

Join the discussion now to discover:

  • The goal of The Texas Boy’s farming and online operations.
  • The neurotic tendencies that big cities can impose upon people.
  • Why it is so critical to be integrated with a thriving community.

Being self-sufficient means being supportive of your neighbors, and The Texas Boys are perfect examples of how to show support with both a vision and conviction…

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