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Surviving Hard Times

Dec 6, 2023

The planet’s not getting any bigger, but humanity’s footprint IS.

That’s the problem driving Paul Shapiro’s search for solutions as CEO of The Better Meat Company.

Tune in to learn:

  • How long it takes to produce meat-like products from microbial fermentation
  • How the process of fermentation is used to create mycoproteins which mimic the experience of animal-based meats, but are far more nutritious and environmentally friendly
  • Which meats are easiest and most difficult to mimic
  • The environmental and health impact of animal-based meats
  • What differentiates Better Meat Co.'s methods from other methods of creating animal-free meat

“Raising animals for food is the number one cause of deforestation on the planet… the Amazon rainforest is being cut and burned down because of humanity’s desire for meat. If we’re concerned about climate change, if we’re concerned about wildlife extinction, if we’re concerned about keeping some semblance of the natural world intact, we need to cut down on the number of animals we’re using for food,” says Shapiro.

“I’ve devoted much of my life to figuring out ways to wean humanity off this addiction to raising and slaughtering animals for food,” he adds.

Shapiro explains why animal agriculture takes such a toll on the environment and contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. He also discusses alternatives that don’t require much compromise on the part of consumers who seek the same meat experience they’ve grown to know and love.

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