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Surviving Hard Times

Dec 13, 2023

“You have to try to turn your problems into solutions, because if you don’t, and you run away from your problems, they’ll follow you and you’ll plant problems everywhere you go.”

Spoken by a Zimbabwean subsistence farmer known locally as the “water farmer,” these words ignited an even stronger desire in Brad Lancaster to find solutions to the water problems plaguing his hometown of Tucson, Arizona.

Press play to discover:

  • Ways to harvest water that avoid additional problems, like flooding and water quality issues downstream
  • Why irrigating with rainwater as opposed to city water will leave you with much healthier plants and soil
  • Various reasons for and benefits of water harvesting
  • How to determine how large a rainwater tank should be based on the amount of rainfall in a given area
  • How contact with roofs, asphalt, etc. affects the quality of rainwater (and how to limit the negative effects)
  • The factors that determine how much money you could save by harvesting rainwater

Interested in learning more? Visit for an impressive collection of information on these topics, and to find Lancaster’s award-winning books.

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