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Surviving Hard Times

Jan 2, 2024

Dive into the world of horticulture with our special guest, Steven Biggs, a distinguished horticulturist, journalist, and award-winning host of Food Garden Life.

Biggs unfolds his childhood memories when all he knew was dried figs. A transformative summer spent at a UK nursery with a national fig collection reshaped his perspective and ignited a desire to grow his own fig trees.

As a horticulture communicator, Biggs is a guide through the intricacies of growing and savoring figs. From blogging and podcasting to teaching, he imparts his knowledge and shares expert tips for a bountiful fig harvest.

  • The nuances that make figs unique and distinct from other fruits
  • Innovative techniques for protecting the health of a fig tree in cold climates
  • The importance of regularly pruning fig trees (and how to do it strategically!)

Ready to cultivate your own figs? Press play to learn more and get started!

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