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Surviving Hard Times

Apr 18, 2024

In this episode, Stacy Zivicki from Sustainable Stewards takes the time to chat with us about preparation tactics, sustainable agriculture, and homesteading. Stacy’s mission with Sustainable Stewards is to show her viewers how to achieve authentic self-sufficiency – free from reliance on civilization.

On her channel, Stacy covers everything from permaculture to animal husbandry and food freedom. She informs her viewers so that they too can learn how to be independent of feed mills, grocery stores, and our society’s approach to debt.

Join us now to hear Stacy discuss:

  • How her background shaped her perspective on self-sufficiency.
  • The importance of becoming your own producer of resources.
  • How Stacy utilizes Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) for her food distribution.
  • The benefits of working with your community to support sustainable agriculture and livestock production.

What does true self-sufficiency look like? Tune in to find out!

To watch Stacy’s educational content click here, and to purchase Sustainable Stewards merchandise click here.

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