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This podcast will go where few sci-fi fans have gone before! OK, not really, but we will have fun discussing and interacting with our favorite shows and films from all over the sci-fi universe. We love Trek the most, but our fandom is much deeper and so we’ll dive into all sorts of shows and films. Join our panel of sci-fi fans as we gather from all over North America as we share our opinions and thoughts on all things sci-fi.

Our mission is to entertain and have fun. If you love sci-fi, then this is the perfect station for you to dock at.

Apr 6, 2023

The crew reviews the first 2 episodes of Picard (Season 3) this week.  At the time of this recording these episodes were freshly released.  If you haven't watched this are in for a ride!  And, there are an amazing, action-packed, intriguing, and heart-wrenching 8 episodes for you to enjoy!  We'll circle back around to a review of the entire season of Picard eventually, but for now, enjoy the banter, the laughter, and the energetic discussion we had about the first episodes.  

SPOILER ALERT:  We do not hold back from discussing everything we loved and didn't love about these two episodes.  There are spoilers everywhere, so listeners be aware!

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Stay tuned as we wrap up season 3 of The BIG Sci-Fi Podcast!  We have four more action-packed episodes remaining before we take a short break and then launch into season 4.  We have three more fantastic interviews and review what's considered one of the greatest science fiction films of all time. (can you guess which film this is?)  Keep listening!