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This podcast will go where few sci-fi fans have gone before! OK, not really, but we will have fun discussing and interacting with our favorite shows and films from all over the sci-fi universe. We love Trek the most, but our fandom is much deeper and so we’ll dive into all sorts of shows and films. Join our panel of sci-fi fans as we gather from all over North America as we share our opinions and thoughts on all things sci-fi.

Our mission is to entertain and have fun. If you love sci-fi, then this is the perfect station for you to dock at.

Nov 4, 2022

Adeena leads the crew this week on a voyage into the known of what we know about science and how it interacts with most sci-fi films and television.  How does the unknown of the infinite universes created by science fiction authors and film producers interact with the reality of the science we know to be true today?  Can a film or story have bad science and be a good or even great film?  Can we enjoy a film that has bad science but a great story?  Or does the lack of good science bother us so much that we turn it off and discard it?  This week, the crew asks these questions and more as we discuss the science of sci-fi.

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