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This podcast will go where few sci-fi fans have gone before! OK, not really, but we will have fun discussing and interacting with our favorite shows and films from all over the sci-fi universe. We love Trek the most, but our fandom is much deeper and so we’ll dive into all sorts of shows and films. Join our panel of sci-fi fans as we gather from all over North America as we share our opinions and thoughts on all things sci-fi.

Our mission is to entertain and have fun. If you love sci-fi, then this is the perfect station for you to dock at.

Jan 20, 2022

We're excited to announce our brand new podcast!  Sci-fi fans from all over North America have united for this fun and light-hearted opinion-based podcast.  We love Trek the most, but our love for Trek has given us a deep love for all things sci-fi.  Coming February 4th to a podcast universe near you!