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This podcast will go where few sci-fi fans have gone before! OK, not really, but we will have fun discussing and interacting with our favorite shows and films from all over the sci-fi universe. We love Trek the most, but our fandom is much deeper and so we’ll dive into all sorts of shows and films. Join our panel of sci-fi fans as we gather from all over North America as we share our opinions and thoughts on all things sci-fi.

Our mission is to entertain and have fun. If you love sci-fi, then this is the perfect station for you to dock at.

Apr 22, 2022

Cris Fox introduces us to the Men In Black and we do our best to remember the sequel films (even though they aimed that pencil looking brain washing thingy at us)! This episode has a lot of laughs in it as we talk about the hilarious and unique Men In Black films. Cris wants to know why the original film was so great and the following three were hit or miss, depending on your perspective. Make sure you're suited up and ready for anything as we invade your entertainment space this week! You won't want to forget about this episode so make sure not to look at the pencil looking brain washing thingy!

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All music used for this podcast was written, performed, recorded, and produced by Brian Donahue

Things Mentioned in this episode for reference:

Star Trek: Horizon - 2016 indie film 

Star Trek: The Motion Picture 4K - 1979 film

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan - 1982 film

Star Trek: Insurrection - 1998 film

Star Trek: Nemesis - 2002 film

Amadeus - 1984 film

Star Trek: Enterprise - 2001 television series

X-Files - 1993 television series

CODA - Star Trek Novels (series of three books)

Robert Petkoff - narrator

Will Wheaton - TNG actor, The Ready Room host, narrator

John Scalzi - Author

Men In Black - 1997 film

Men In Black 2 - 2002 film

Men In Black 3 - 2012 film

Men In Black: International - 2019 film

The Mitchells vs. The Machines - 2021 film