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Little Bits and Pieces

Welcome to Little Bits and Pieces, an improvised podcast about improv from three titans of bits, purveyors or improv, and general idiots: Wallares!

Hosts Matt Walker, Geoff Fella, and Christian Torres guide listeners through a slough of improv-centric topics ranging from strangest on stage moments, to what exactly is the game of the scene?

Come for the bits but who knows, maybe you'll learn something despite the hosts!

Jul 6, 2023

Join Wallares on an exhilarating episode of "Little Bits and Pieces" as he explores the unexpected connections between our off-stage lives and the chaotic allure of Sonic the Hedgehog's Chaos Emeralds in the realm of improv comedy. Discover how personal experiences and emotions infuse our comedic performances, while diving into the thrilling parallels between life's unpredictability and the coveted Chaos Emeralds. Brace yourself for a captivating blend of personal anecdotes, comedic insights, and Sonic fandom, as Wallares uncovers the laughter and excitement that emerges when our lives and the chaos of Sonic's world collide. Tune in to "Little Bits and Pieces" for an unforgettable exploration that intertwines life's chaos and the Chaos Emeralds, illuminating the profound influence they have on the comedic magic of improv.