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Little Bits and Pieces

Welcome to Little Bits and Pieces, an improvised podcast about improv from three titans of bits, purveyors or improv, and general idiots: Wallares!

Hosts Matt Walker, Geoff Fella, and Christian Torres guide listeners through a slough of improv-centric topics ranging from strangest on stage moments, to what exactly is the game of the scene?

Come for the bits but who knows, maybe you'll learn something despite the hosts!

Jul 20, 2023

Join the laughter-filled mayhem on "Little Bits and Pieces" podcast as the hosts explore the exhilarating world of multimedia improv shows. Prepare for a wild ride of hilarity, where visuals, music, and technology combine to create uproarious comedy. And just when you least expect it, they'll comically mention Socrates' surprising anatomy, adding an unexpected twist to keep you laughing out loud. Tune in for an unforgettable episode that celebrates the magic of multimedia in improv comedy, promising hilarious adventures and surprises at every turn.