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The BORN Podcast

Jan 4, 2024

As owner and founder, Kristen Pucci is the driving force behind KRAE Consulting, a business she started in 2020. She brings a unique blend of brand and talent management expertise to the table. With a strong foundation in social media marketing and a diverse portfolio spanning from construction to representing public figures and celebrities, Kristen's journey is a testament to her adaptability and strategic mindset. 

Her transition from a background in psychology to pursuing her passion in marketing and business development underscores her innate ability to navigate diverse fields with finesse. Kristen's commitment to authenticity and meaningful connections is evident in her approach to personal and professional relationships, making her a standout figure in entrepreneurship and brand management.

Tune in to this episode for a conversation that will inspire you to follow your passion and embrace unexpected opportunities that will lead to creating a purpose-driven life.