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Straight Talk About Sales was created to have and share the real conversations around the challenges, opportunities and the things that are top of mind as it relates to sales, particularly for service based business owners. Dr. Nadia Brown and her guests, speak candidly about the challenges around learning how to sell in a way that feels authentic to them and is in alignment with their core values and integrity. Listen now to pick up tips and strategies to put in your own sales toolkit that will improve their sales conversation outcomes, increase their revenue and equip them to serve clients at a higher level.

Nov 10, 2022

“When we set aside the marketing language, egos and games and just use our real voice…there is a power of truth and a resonance that can grow and connect us with the people that we actually need to be connected with. ~ Stella Orange


In this episode of Straight Talk About Sales, I am joined by Stella Orange, the co-founder of Las Peregrinas, a creative and consulting shop that offers marketing and business collaborations to those who value being in cahoots with other masters on the edge of growth. 

I invite you to listen in on our awesome conversation centered around marketing, messaging and sales. I believe that Stella has a unique philosophy on marketing that is quite different from what many of us may hear in the marketplace. So join us as we dig in!


Here’s what you can expect from this episode: 

  • Exploring Stella’s philosophy on marketing
  • Creating sales experiences where people feel heard
  • Gaining confidence in your sales conversations
  • Does social media guarantee success
  • Clarifying questions vs Overcoming objections

Stella has invited my audience to come write with her on Mondays at Show Up And Write, so please email her for the free digital key and go write with Stella!

Remember to keep adding tips and strategies to your own sales toolkit that will improve your revenue outcomes and equip you to serve your clients at a higher level.


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