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Straight Talk About Sales was created to have and share the real conversations around the challenges, opportunities and the things that are top of mind as it relates to sales, particularly for service based business owners. Dr. Nadia Brown and her guests, speak candidly about the challenges around learning how to sell in a way that feels authentic to them and is in alignment with their core values and integrity. Listen now to pick up tips and strategies to put in your own sales toolkit that will improve their sales conversation outcomes, increase their revenue and equip them to serve clients at a higher level.

Feb 16, 2023

"You want to take the time, look at your business, look at your entire sales process, your entire sales system, and ask yourself, do the numbers make sense?" ~ Dr. Nadia Brown


In this episode of Straight Talk About Sales we ask ourselves, are you struggling to break through a financial ceiling? Today I am talking to you about  embarking on a journey of tracking and data analysis to uncover the hidden irony behind my own roadblocks and reaching my financial goals and you can, too!

Tracking total revenue, sales, expenses, and profit is essential to making smart decisions, avoiding money leaks, and having money to reinvest or take home as an employee. Paying attention to systems that may be doing duplicate work and adjusting payment terms can also be beneficial.


Here’s what you can expect from this episode: 

  • Uncover the secrets to busting through income ceilings and reach new thresholds in your business.
  • Learn how to track total revenue and total sales to make strategic decisions for your company.
  • Discover how to look for money leaks in your expenses and make informed decisions on which systems and processes to keep or discard.

Remember to keep adding tips and strategies to your own sales toolkit that will improve your revenue outcomes and equip you to serve your clients at a higher level.


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