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Straight Talk About Sales was created to have and share the real conversations around the challenges, opportunities and the things that are top of mind as it relates to sales, particularly for service based business owners. Dr. Nadia Brown and her guests, speak candidly about the challenges around learning how to sell in a way that feels authentic to them and is in alignment with their core values and integrity. Listen now to pick up tips and strategies to put in your own sales toolkit that will improve their sales conversation outcomes, increase their revenue and equip them to serve clients at a higher level.

Mar 30, 2023

“I don't know it all, I'm the visionary. I have ideas. There are things that I want to see, there are things that I want to accomplish, but I by no means know it all.” ~ Dr. Nadia Brown


In this episode of Straight Talk About Sales we are continuing our conversation from the last episode. Culture shift is imperative for the business to grow, scale, and evolve. Company leaders and visionaries must overcome their own biases and insecurities to lead their team in a culture shift that empowers them to reach the collective goal of increased sales and growth.

Culture shift and its impact on business can be overwhelming and intimidating to approach. However, by understanding the importance of clarity around your values and “why”, being open to feedback and communication, and being transparent and vulnerable with your team, the process of shifting culture doesn’t have to be so daunting.


Here’s what you can expect from this episode: 

  • How can founders shift away from being solely responsible for sales while also not feeling uncomfortable or unqualified
  • How to leverage the existing expertise and relationships within a team to shift culture
  • What does transparency look like for a team to help them understand and be successful with making culture shift

Remember to keep adding tips and strategies to your own sales toolkit that will improve your revenue outcomes and equip you to serve your clients at a higher level.


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