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Straight Talk About Sales was created to have and share the real conversations around the challenges, opportunities and the things that are top of mind as it relates to sales, particularly for service based business owners. Dr. Nadia Brown and her guests, speak candidly about the challenges around learning how to sell in a way that feels authentic to them and is in alignment with their core values and integrity. Listen now to pick up tips and strategies to put in your own sales toolkit that will improve their sales conversation outcomes, increase their revenue and equip them to serve clients at a higher level.

Oct 19, 2023

“Address your fears and the stories you tell yourself about money. Don't let conditioning or misconceptions hold you back from charging for your valuable services.” ~ Kendra Tillman


In this episode of Straight Talk About Sales, I am delighted to have Kendra Tillman, the visionary founder of Coaching & Consulting. With over thirteen years of dedicated experience in the entrepreneurial realm, Kendra specializes in empowering women to discover their genuine voices and lead lives driven by purpose.

Kendra's wealth of knowledge and her personal journey make her the ideal person to illuminate the fears and narratives we construct concerning finances. Entrepreneurs and small business owners stand to gain valuable insights and guidance from Kendra as she emphasizes the significance of confidently setting fair prices for their services. Prepare for an enlightening discussion that will empower you to conquer your financial apprehensions and excel in your business pursuits.


Here’s what you can expect from this episode: 

  • How to break free from self-doubt and embrace your full potential as an entrepreneur
  • Gain insights into the lasting effects of market crashes and how to navigate its impact on your mindset and relationships
  • Uncover practical strategies to overcome money-related fears and confidently set fair prices for your services
  • Learn how investing in personal development and continuous learning can shape your mindset and unlock greater success in entrepreneurship
  • Discover how the Kolbe Assessment can help you and your team achieve greater success

Remember to keep adding tips and strategies to your own sales toolkit that will improve your revenue outcomes and equip you to serve your clients at a higher level.


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