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Straight Talk About Sales was created to have and share the real conversations around the challenges, opportunities and the things that are top of mind as it relates to sales, particularly for service based business owners. Dr. Nadia Brown and her guests, speak candidly about the challenges around learning how to sell in a way that feels authentic to them and is in alignment with their core values and integrity. Listen now to pick up tips and strategies to put in your own sales toolkit that will improve their sales conversation outcomes, increase their revenue and equip them to serve clients at a higher level.

Jul 21, 2022

“Good news! Sales is a learnable skill!” ~ Dr. Nadia Brown


In this episode of Straight Talk About Sales we are talking about MINDSET! I was always told that sales was a very important part of business. Without sales, your business can't grow. However, I never really enjoyed sales or was very good at it. I would...

Jul 7, 2022

“Just by asking the right questions, you now are positioning yourself as the expert that you are and people see that.” ~ Dr. Nadia Brown


In this episode of Straight Talk About Sales I want to talk to you guys about qualifying your leads before getting on a call with them and what that looks like. Most of us have...

Jul 5, 2022

Now I have this opportunity to support other women and be able to show up and have authentic, powerful, effective sales conversations!” ~ Dr. Nadia Brown 


I am so excited to welcome you to this introductory episode of the Straight Talk About Sales podcast. I am the founder of The Doyenne Agency and creator...