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Masculine Mindset Show

Apr 28, 2023

Today’s podcast is about getting more confidence in your life. Nowadays, so many men lack confidence and the advice in this video is a powerful hack to higher confidence. So really listen to what Adam encourages you to do as you can and you WILL improve your confidence effortlessly. From today onward, YOU ARE A...

Apr 26, 2023


This podcast is how to get girls wanting to kiss you so bad that they are dying to kiss your sexy handsome self.

Adam goes in to great detail on escalate and release, how to use your nonverbals in a sexual way, more importantly, build strong sexual desire.

This podcast is not for boys...

Apr 24, 2023

Today’s podcast is on the topic of fitness and how to burnout your triceps in the most BRUTAL way possible. Adam has ran a hundred fitness classes using this finisher with people saying how much they hated it, but they ALWAYS came back and thanked him for pushing them.


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Apr 21, 2023

Today’s podcast is all about haters and why their life is complete shit.
Adam goes into great detail on why people hate, what their motives are behind the hatred, more importantly, he tells you how to deal with haters properly.


7 Facts About Hater’s and Why Their Life Sucks

Apr 19, 2023

In this episode, Adam covers why push-ups are ESSENTIAL for every man to do because of the fact that it can prevent cardiovascular problems. If you are not prepared to do push-ups on the floor, then check out Adam’s article on How To Do Push-Ups Effectively