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Masculine Mindset Show

Jun 28, 2023

Today’s podcast are five insanely effective cold reads that are really fucking effective to get women craving you. But here’s the big caveat to this episode. You must read her comfort, drop them when she’s on that emotional high note and never make her feel uncomfortable. This episode is a re-release with a BONUS...

Jun 26, 2023

Today’s podcast is all about charismatic communication and how to become charismatic by reaching the flow state effortlessly. Adam is interviewing Calvin from the GP penitentiary community. He gives his take on how to become charismatic and they are damn good tips. Follow this man on Instagram!


Calvin’s IG

Jun 23, 2023

Today’s podcast is a FREE superset for you to take action on that Adam gives you. This superset is designed to warm you up so that you can get in your hard hitting back workout. Here’s the superset that Adam trained 50+ classes with:


Barbell Shrugs 8 Reps

Cable Face Pulls 8 Reps


Do this for three rounds....

Jun 21, 2023

 Today’s podcast is all about seduction, however, this is a darker section of game that can be used for good and for evil, it's all about your intentions going in. So be a good dude. Adam covers Pacing and Leading and how to use it to turn women on!


But here’s the big caveat, establish the relationship first....

Jun 19, 2023

In today’s podcast episode, Adam interviews Ramiro from GP Penitentiary community on the topic of why men must stop suppressing who they really are. Masculinity is essential in today’s weak society. Masculinity is responsible for the law of polarity. More importantly, society will mislead men to persuade them to...