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Masculine Mindset Show

Jun 9, 2023

Today’s podcast is a very entertaining story on how the man, the legend, the author of the book Higher Status, Jason Capital motivated Adam to publish his first book Become The Alpha Women Want.


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Jun 7, 2023

I don’t encourage most men to use The Last Resort unless you know what you are doing, however, if you have good intentions and you are a good dude, listen to this with an open mind and a good heart. This is not for beginners just starting to learn seduction because most guys can EASILY overdo this and become a...

Jun 5, 2023

Today’s podcast is how to overcome approach anxiety through State Training with Zack Zeller and how to utilize tools to conquer and destroy approach anxiety. Adam and Zack discusses bio-energetics, social pressure exercises, and ways to get in to a masculine mindset to approach more women.



Jun 2, 2023

Today’s podcast is about how a hater came on his videos and basically left a comment… “You look like a piece of shit.” Adam has two perspectives on the topic of internet bullying and you are going to hear how he dealt with a low vibrating person who loves trolling everyone. Any time someone tries to get under...

May 31, 2023

Today’s podcast is all about stubbornness and how it can become a good thing when used in the right context to achieve goals. Adam touches upon why stubbornness can work but more importantly, when it doesn’t work, particularly in social interactions. You have to remember to be very careful as stubborn frames are...