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The Interface

Aug 17, 2022

Welcome to The Interface! A monthly, can't-miss chat with the UX Content Collective crew, and friends. 

Do you need a content design portfolio? Do they stop disadvantaged people from getting jobs? What if you don't have time to make or update one...and do they really matter all that much? All that and more in today's episode. 

Resources discussed:


Featured on this podcast:

Patrick Stafford, Co-founder and COO of UX Content Collective

Daree Allen-Nieves

Daree Allen Nieves is an award-winning technical writer, UX writer, speaker, podcaster, voice actor, and author in Virginia. She has volunteered, freelanced & contracted her writing talents for over 20 years with various companies, including the UX Content Collective.

She’s also written three personal development books (2 for youth), and started the personal development podcast “Kickin’ it with Daree” in 2015. And as a voice actor, Daree narrates corporate & explainer videos, commercials, and training courses.


Cara Lam

Cara is a content designer at Instagram and loves to blog on the side. She's based in New York City but has also spent slices of her life in Hong Kong, Australia, Los Angeles, and Japan.

When she's not writing, you'll find her hiking in national parks and planning for the next roadtrip. Occasionally, she organizes workshops and teaches different aspects of UX writing. It's her passion to share her journey and knowledge with people who are looking for a career in content design.