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The official podcast of Brain and Brain Communications

An informative and digestible podcast highlighting the rich and diverse neuroscience published in the Brain journals.

The episodes take the format of interviews with article authors and aim to be informal and enjoyable and to appeal to a broad audience, including clinicians, researchers, students, neuroscientists, neurologists and psychiatrists.

Dec 15, 2022

Welcome to the seventh episode of The Brain Podcast - the official podcast of the journals Brain and Brain Communications.

In this episode we chat with Dr Nina M Rzechorzek, lead author of the article entitled: A daily temperature rhythm in the human brain predicts survival after brain injury

We discuss how brain temperature was measured using invasive and non-invasive methods to identify a physiological daily rhythmicity. The loss of this brain rhythm was strongly predictive of survival in patients with traumatic brain injury.

Our longest episode to date but packed with fascinating science!

Check out the full article on the Brain website:

This episode was hosted, edited and produced by Xin You Tai; co-hosted by Andreas Thermistecleous; co-produced by Joanne Bell; original music by Ammar Al-Chalabi.