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Conversations on COVID-19

Dec 1, 2023

Dr. Martin Topiel, Virtua Health's head of infectious disease, answers your most-asked questions about the respiratory viruses circulating this season, including COVID-19, flu, and RSV. Listen in to learn more.

Oct 18, 2023

We asked Dr. Stanley H. Weiss, a physician, epidemiologist, and professor in the Department of Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, your 12 most commonly-asked questions about COVID and flu...

Aug 31, 2023

Nina Guercio joins Dr. Lois Greene for a candid conversation about COVID through her lens as an experienced human resources practitioner and champion of health equity.

Aug 1, 2023

On this week’s Conversations on COVID-19 Podcast, Dr. Lois Greene is joined by Dr. Katie York, Associate Director of Advocacy with AARP New Jersey to discuss the ongoing impacts of the COVID pandemic on seniors throughout the...

Jul 10, 2023

On this episode, Dr. Lois Greene is joined by Pastors Lyddale and Traci Akins of Triumphant Life Church Assembly of God in Oceanport to discuss the impacts of the COVID pandemic on congregations of faith and what we can learn about caring for each other and our...